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Jose S. changed his body and his life with a little help from Shaun T and a lot of determination and hard work!  Check out his amazing 80 lb weight loss and read his story in his own words below!


Katie was a new mom who was not happy with her body. She set a goal – fit back into her pre-pregnancy jeans before her son’s first birthday. She found P90X3 andShakeology, worked out for just 30 minutes a day, and got MAJOR results!! She lost 32 pounds, 21 inches from her body, all in just 30 minutes a day in 90 days! Read about her crazy results in her own words below:


One of the incredible women who has experienced an amazing body transformation is Amy A., a mom of 3 who used PiYo and Shakeology to reshape her body and lose over 30 lbs!  Check out her amazing journey below in her own words:

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WOW! 63 days and I have completed the Insanity workout program with some pretty great results! I feel great and am really happy with my physical results. I created the video below to walk you through my final results & review of the Insanity program. If you are interested in doing Insanity, or, would simply…

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The Healthiest Meal of the Day! Drinking Shakeology everyday will ensure your body is fueled for the day and your next workout. Shakeology and a proper diet are key in your fitness journey.

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Gyms are expensive and can be stressful, inconvenient, and discouraging. Shop the latest home workouts by Beachbody and experience the comfort and confidence of shedding pounds in your own living room! Not to mention doing so for a fraction of the price!

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