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Doug Fitzgerald is quickly emerging as a highly sought after motivational, instructional, and life-changing speaker!  His real, honest, and transparent way of communicating has been inspiring, motivating, and challenging audiences around the country to use their God-given abilities and passions to Finish Life Well™.

Doug is the CEO of Fitzgerald Fitness, Inc., and a Founding Leader/Member with Team Beachbody, LLC.

As a Founding Leader/Member with Team Beachbody, Doug served on the Coach Advisory Board (2008 – 2010).  He is also a Top & Elite Coach, member of the Millionaire Circle and the winner of the prestigious 2010 CEO Award.  Doug grew his Team Beachbody business from 1 to nearly 22,000 distributors in 7 years.

  • CEO of Fitzgerald Fitness, Inc. and Founding Leader with Teambeachbody, LLC.
  • Top & Elite Coach
  • Member of Millionaire Circle and winner of 2010 CEO award
  • Former radio disc jockey and host of #1 Top 40 Morning Show (7 years)
  • Former full time pastor (13 years)

Doug is known for his authentic and relational approach to business.  His leadership is known for being on the cutting edge of growth and development, focused on achieving big goals, continually growing a vision to help and serve others, and creating tools to achieve them that actually work.

Doug was also a radio disc jockey and news director for 7 years, hosting a #1 Top 40 Morning Show.  He also served as a full-time pastor for 13 years.

Doug is married to his incredible wife Tammie and they have been growing a thriving and rich relationship for over 20 years!  Tammie is the CEO of Fitzgerald Fitness 2, Inc., and a Founding Leader/Member with Team Beachbody, LLC.  She is a highly gifted businesswoman, speaker, wife, mom, and friend!

Doug also has two awesome children.  His son Dylan is an incredibly gifted athlete, student, son and friend to those around him.  His daughter Sydney is an incredibly gifted dancer, artist, student, daughter and friend to those around her.

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